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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thanks to Denise and Pammy Sue

Denise, at Riverside Stitching, has a new blog background . . . red, white and blue . . . all ready for Memorial Day.

It got me to thinking. I aid to myself, "Self, you have had your blog background for quite some time. Normally, you change with the seasons / months / celebration. But , you have been stuck with your present  background for quite sometime. Why haven't you updated your blog?"

Since I was having this conversation with myself, I answered, " You have become spoiled. Since you have found the background you are using you only want to use templates that include a template, blog header, sidebar title images, post divider images and I would LOVE to have a favicon. But I haven't seen anyplace where I can get these for free, except where my blue background  came from and she doesn't have any others that I really like. That makes me sad."

Then, along comes Pammy Sue from Scotty's Place. She has had a new blog background that has what I want, so I checked out her source, Leelou. I was SO PLEASED when I looked through her templates and found just the one I wanted. I also found out that what I wanted was a "template" not a "background."

Now, I'm ready to celebrate my red, white and blue holidays . . . Memorial Day and the 4th of July. And, I might just keep it up longer  . since I am a REAL red, white and blue lover. That color combination has always made me happy, whether it is a stars and stripes pattern, or just a blur of those colors together. I always wondered if I got some hidden "color gene" from my parents. Dad was a red lover and Mom preferred blue and I just threw the white in because odd number combinations are always more pleasing to the eye than even numbers . . did you know that? Three pictures are more pleasing than 2 or 4. Go figure?

Now, to go back and check out Leelou and see what she has in templates that would look good on my Family Tree blogs. I like them to look like trees . . or something that works with the tree" theme. I also want to see what she has in the way of buttons.

TTFN, Heading Over to Leelou's Blog 

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