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Sunday, June 19, 2011

2 Samplers and Some Blessings

One sampler almost done and one sampler half way done. I am happy with both of them No pattern for either I just found some different blackwork patterns and used them as dividers. Then, for the colors, I just looked at the braids or floss that I have and decided, by sight,  what colors I wanted to use for each sections.

I really like the variegated threads. They end up giving your pieces such an individual look.
I can'r believe how crocked it looks here :0{
But it really is straight.
I will show you the finished product
after the recipients see it.

Now, back to the hearts I am working on. I am almost done with the Scottish / American heart. Then, I want to work on the Union Jack / American heart. Not sure what I will stitch after that.l Maybe go back to my 100 Blessings Sampler and see if I can get it finished yet. With the work on the Family Tree, I have more ideas for squares.

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