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Sunday, June 26, 2011

$$ Creature for Wyoming County

Yes, you read the title right . . . I named this pattern Money Creature for Wyoming County.

The SPCA in Wyoming County, New York, is a no kill shelter. It is always in need of money to keep their shelter going. When I heard about this, via local television coverage, about a year ago, I knew that I couldn't donate much money BUT I could donate the money that I made on my patterns. I could also make cat toys (they always are SWAMPED with cats) that they could sell at their storefront at one of the local malls. (The mall donates the storefront for their use.)

The first time I did this, I received an email that told me all of the toys had sold out in the 1st day and they had sold them for $5 apiece. I was SO THRILLED!

This pattern is SO VERSATILE . . . I have made it larger for a child's toy, left the catnip out for a dog toy, changed the color combinations . . . the changes are endless. I have had a lot of fun making the different toys myself. Now, all I need to do is box them up and sent them on their way to Wyoming County, SPCA.

Oh, this is a WONDERFUL way to use up scraps of yarn. Myself, I like to use Kitchen Cotton (Peaches & Cream, Sugar n' Cream, etc., for my toys. Bit, you can use any yarn you have.

If you would like this pattern, remember, 100% of the money paid for my patterns goes straight to the Wyoming County. It doesn't pass Go and, for sure, it doesn't go directly to Jail. This money has a job . . . it's job is to help the animals get their "Get Out of Jail Free" cards . . . .

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