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Monday, June 13, 2011

New Steps

I am as happy
as a pig
in slop!

replaced our cement steps
with wooden ones.

The homes in this town are different.
very few,
if any,
are built
with front or back steps.
They either have
wooden steps made
for these two places,
or concrete steps brought in
and placed accordingly.
Look at the husband checking out our "Look Mom, no steps!" steps.
Ours was the second.
one of the steps wore through.
People said this was because
of the salt spread on them in the winter.
Never heard of such a thing!
When they started "sledge hammering"
I found out the steps were not solid.
The concrete was only about 3 " thick.
I always thought these
"not portable/portable" steps
were solid like all of the steps
I knew about in Logan.

Oh well . . .
such is life.

Now, we have these wide
wooden steps
that have a 6" rise
and are SO EASY to climb.
Our old ones  had a steeper rise
and made it so hard for me to walk down.
Also, more room
to display

New steps . . . WOOT WOOT ! ! !
 hos did I ever
take such a lop-sided picture?

Notice the flower bed to the right?
I call it our cemetery plot.
Doesn't it look like
one of those Victorian plots,
with a fence around the family grave site?
If I don't get them watered
they will be the
Cemetery for Dead Plants!

There is a sharp hint of red
in the flower bed in front of the porch.
It is a Geum plant

(or is it Guem?)
using my mini-hollyhock plant
to hold it up.
I think I have some
going on in my garden.

And don't the Blue Salvia
stand out this year?

Last but not least,
the rose in the back yard.
I had one of these in Logan.
Trained it to
climb up our arbor
that led into our back yard.
I think they are just precious.

Deep red buds,
rich pink flowers when new
soft pink with yellow centers
when totally open.

No One Ever Promised Me a Rose Garden


  1. I like the grave!! It is cool..I think it would be just the hot set up for halloween and trick or treaters!! You have a very nice house.

  2. Vikki,

    Thank you for the compliment. The out side of the house is about finished. Now it's the inside that needs work :oC

  3. It's beautiful! What a welcoming front porch! So pretty.

  4. Very nice addition to the front, it appeals to the eye! Wish I had a front porch like that to sit on during the nice cool weather! Enjoy!!


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