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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summertime, And The Livin' Is easy

As Ella sings,

and the livin' is easy . . . .

Time to share the beginnings
of the "Bloomin Season"
here in Western New York. 

Just sitting on the front porch
enjoying the weather
and Wayne installing
our new
front porch steps.

Here are my views from the front porch swing . . .
or as I call it
"my summer family room."
west . . check out the yellow long stem roses
south west
south . . like our dog gate and caution tape.
I told the guys yesterday
that I wanted Crime Scene Tape . . .
I even volunteered to lie on the driveway
so they could make a chalk outline of my body.
Close up of our Ornamental Pear Tree
and the dirt we need to break up
to fill out front yard hole.
Back yard of the neighbor south of us.
Her yard is so beautiful and clean.
Same yard through our fence.
Love this sign . . .weathered and worn.
Coral Bells and DayLillies under the
Leave Room  for the angels To Dance sign.
I just LOVE these red Coral Bells. . .
This is where my Angels Dance.

North of the Coral Bells

I just LOVE this rose bush.

Isn't this the sweetest little thing.
This bush always makes me smile.

One lone Peony searching for the sun.

Our Clematis and Old Fashioned mini-Rose Bush combination.

And finally, our "veggy garden."
Ella SURE had a VOICE ! ! ! !


  1. Oh, Ella was great, no doubt! You sound a little more comfortable your way. Here on the east side, it's terribly hot and humid, and we're getting more of the same tomorrow! All I can do is sit in front of a fan, and hang in there! It's supposed to cool back down by the weekend! ~tina

  2. Thank you for the tour of your summertime hangouts!

    Angels dancing in your garden - makes me wonder if Dad is dancing in Mom's garden this summer.

    Glad you are feeling better today.

  3. Wow, I wish I was relaxing on your porch with a cool drink & crocheting... :) Your flowers are so pretty. Do you get pears on your tree?

    I can't believe it is so hot out east. It has been unseasonably "cool" here. (Well, in the 70's & 80's~ that's not normal for us, it should be terribly hot here already..)

  4. hey! the sc foundation is really easy. don't look at the pics, just follow what she says. do it loose...tight won't work. make 2 chains, go back in the first one and pull up a loop, now you have two loops, yo and pull up a loop through the first loop and you still have two loops, not yo and pull up a loop through both loops, now you are back to one loop. now put your hook through between the 2nd and 3rd piece of yarn back toward the beginning and pull a loop through and start over again with pulling a loop through the first one, having two loops then pulling a loop through both. I hope that helps...i was amazed when i did it!! it makes the bottom of the chains not tight like you would normally chain to start something. oh i hope that makes sense and doesn't mess you up. xoxox


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