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Saturday, July 2, 2011

No pictures yet . . . my camera disc doesn't work in the netbook . . . plus, the old XD  (I think that is what it is) is stuck in the SD drive . . .  now why am I so lucky tat I probably have the only camera that needs an XD drive?

Oh, well . . I hope you are wondering what pictures I am talking about the pictures I need to take of the potholders/hotpads I have been making. I don't need any, myself, but I am hoping to sell them in my ETSY shop.

I think I will post the pattern for the "Basket Weave" potholder as my Pay It Forward Freebie for July.  I have  tried it several different ways and I think I have it down to a "science" now.

Stay tuned, same "Bat time", same "Bat channel" for the pix.Then, the pattern will be posted soon after that.

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  1. I would love to try that pattern. I just saw the pictures for the potholders and they look great!


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