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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Set of Coasters /Potholder

Finally got pictures taken of these. The color is, I believe, Strawberries and Cream . . another way to prolong your summer in the kitchen.

Wonder what color I'll work with next. Honestly, I need to wrap baby presents so I have more room on the dining room table to block the stars I have made.

Did I tell you I finally found honest to goodness liquid starch? I'm going to use it, along with some water to thin it, to starch the star I pictured in the last post. Since it is going to be a fan pull, it will need to be stiff,


  1. I've used this color before, I like it.....looks like more rain for you today. Push it this way!!! lol

  2. Looking foward to seeing the end product. I found liquid starch at our walmart..


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