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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Clown Bookmark

Here is my 1st try on the "Crochet DROPS Christmas Santa book mark in ”Alpaca.”" I did mine in #3 thread and, on this one, I sewed the head on better so no scarf needed.
I even added a couple of Christmas bells in his head.
I think Cat, needs to post a tutorial on her blog, Hookin' It With Mr. Lick Lick, so I can see what I am doing wrong when I attach . . or, try to attach . . a head.


  1. Cute - how tall is he?

    Don't forget to do some of your most WONDERFUL garland! I just love those, and you are sooo talented!

  2. I love it! Ya know, they did the heads two different ways. If you look at the pattern for the chicken (I think it looks more like a duck myself) they say to turn the head when you are down to 8 stitches and then sc 1 in each 2 of the 8 (making that 4 sc), then turn and ch1 and increase 2 each on the next row. I like this way better but the only thing is that it will be the same color yarn. It's hard for it to not look crappy when you are changing from one color to the other at the neck. That's why I needed something to cover it up because of how it looked. On the clown I made a kind of a collar to cover it up.

  3. BTW - yours looks much better than mine did at the neck!! Does yours have a sweater on or is that the whole thing?


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