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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In The Kitchen with Me

I know, Iknow .  is there a Blue Moon on the horizon . . me, in the kitchen?

yes, Ihave been in the kitchenseveral times the -aast month . . . both times to slice strawberries and make, from scraatch, no less, shortcakes . . and BOY, are these shortcakes ever good . . and talk about looking rustic! I have that rustic bit down pat.

I ate the last of the strawberries Sunday night but we still have almost a 1/2 gallon of Perry's Vanilla Bean Ice Cream left. Can't let that go to waste, can I?

With this knowledge in mind . . the "running out of strawberries," I picked up an apple so I could make Apple Bread Pudding when the strawberries ran out.

That is what I was doing in the kitchen today . . . reading a recipe that I made, what seems like, once a month before I met the husband . . he says he has never had it so I guess I stopped making it for some unknown reason.

In  50 minutes, give or take 10 minutes, it will be done and my mouth will be watering until we gethome from our weekley Tuesday night at  the KofC for the Chicken Wing bar . . . mild, medium, hot, bar-b-que, italian, parmesan garlic, sweet and sour, and, normally, one or two other flavors.

Must go . . time to see what else is going on on the net.


  1. Ok, now you've done it. It's only 10:30 in the morning and you've made my mouth water for things I cannot have right now! How dare you! lol Seriously, I could go for the lot of the wings followed but a heaping dish of bread pudding or strawberry shortcake. Man oh man....lol.

  2. You always make me hungry for those wings!!! ;-)


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