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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Grandpa's Are Home

I am close to tears . . . both of my maternal great grandpa''s are back home.

I know, I know, you ask, "Where have they been and how are they still alive when you are so OLD?"

Let me explain.
The Rev . . . William York Winegardner, the father of my grandpa Earl, and Leah Jane's grandpa, for those  who knew her. When I was a junior in college, Mom and Dad moved from Ottawa Street to 19th and Wright Street. Sometime after that move this picture showed up on our wall. Found out it was the Rev, Mom's grandfather who was a minister. Scary looking, a little, but, then again, aren't most people's pictures from the 1800's sort of scary. Must be something to do with the process of sitting still for the flash.
This is the original, with the new matt, in the original frame.

Original in matt.
Rev William York Winegardner, restored.
Grandpa Kreider was the REAL surprise . . . when looking through a bible what had been in a box in the garage, that I finally looked through this past winter (only about 15 years since I bought Mom & Dad's house)and found the pieces of what had been part of a family record of the Kreider family.
This is how I found the Family Record of my Grandpa Kreider's family.
I decided it was time to get them restored. I knew my friend Teri's husband Tom, at Pear Tree Gallery, in Logansport worked with a company that restored items . . . I had checked that out when I was home in March. The Rev went first and Grandpa Kreider wasn't far behind.

Tom told me there might be a problem piecing together the Kreider Family Record since parts were missing. I told him to just do thee best they could and I would be happy.  As you can tell by this picture, I am MORE THAN HAPPY . . . look at the final result . . . PERFECT!
I also had them frame a sampler for my nephew and his new bride . . . will show it when I get the go ahead from them. It, too, is perfect . . . exactly what I wanted it to look like.

If you have been thinking about getting any pictures restored, I would highly suggest that you get hold of Tom at Pear Tree Gallery . . . he has the connections to get you set up with a wonderful heirloom!

And, Teri, if you are reading this, the check IS in the mail :0}


  1. Wow--that's some incredible restoration work!! What a wonderful thing to have these items!

  2. Grandpa looks great! And so does the family record.

    Glad you found someone you can trust.


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