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Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Flock of Birds

I fell in love with this pattern the 1st time I saw it. I had a lot of #10 cotton thread to use up and it lent itself well to these. I wanted them real colorful . . . thus I used two threads for each round. Gives them a variegated look.

As I was getting toward the end it dawned on me that I needed two things . . a tail and bells for the feet instead of beads. So I went back and cut thread to make into tails an added the silver bells to the feet of the last bird.

AS I worked o them, I sat there and smiled like a fool . . I thought they were so cute. I wish the camera caught this cuteness . . the pictures do not do them justice. But, I added them to my Etsy Shop anyway. Hopefully, someone will think they are as cute as I do.

Meet Lauren
Here is Debbie making her debut.
If I have a Debbie, I must have a Marilyn . . .so meet Marilyn.
Here is Ruth.
Meet Helen.
Diane stopped buy for a quick visit.
Joyce came with Diane.


  1. They are very cute, and I like your idea of bells on the feet! They are fun to make and do make you smile like a fool. Hee-hee.


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