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Friday, October 28, 2011

Deer In The Headlights

The title says it all ,
Wednesday night, we had a deer in our headlights
almost physically IN them.

We were driving home from Pizza Hut
where we had gone for their
Wednesday night pizza and salad buffet.

We were traveling along
the Erie Canal . . .
and yes, it's THAT Erie Canal of
"I got a mule and her name is Sal,
15 miles on the Erie Canal" fame.

The street we were on is full of houses,
from where we started,
Niagara Falls Blvd.
(Yes, THAT Niagara Falls)
to home.

But, the lighting for this street
really SUCKS!
Plus, as Snoopy types out
 at the beginning of every one of his "novels:"
"It was a dark and stormy night."

Well, no storms,
but the kind of night
where the  streets are wet
and look black with no lines.

When we got close to the one factory,
on our journey home,
THIS is what we saw . . .

only HE wasn't jumping this high.

He had to have been running parallel to us
then decided to go across the street.
Neither one of us saw him coming
but when he went across in front of us . . .
thank heavens the husband
was driving sensibly
or we would be looking at
one smashed in front end.

We have seen deer in this area before . . .
but this fella was HUGE.
All we had seen before
were does and their fawns in the wooded area
and on top of the old garbage dump behind the factory.
but never this time of the evening.

But, they live on both sides of the canal
and go from side to side,
or going to the canal for drinks.
(Wonder what he was drinking . . .whiskey and water . . LOLOL)

We decided
this was the last time we came home this way at night.
We will be driving the more lighted routes
hoping the deer are all snug in their beds.


  1. Ugh--I have more close calls with deer than I want to think about...some much closer than others. I'm so glad y'all were uninjured!!! Good plan--take another way home. Stay safe!

  2. After my little run in with Bambi this spring - I can tell you - going another way is a great idea!

    Glad you both are fine!


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