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Friday, November 4, 2011

Mom and I

Mom, who is a ghost now,
and I
are going to play a guessing game.

"Paula", says Mom,
"What have you been up too lately?"

"Mom, you have to guess," I said.

"Hum," came the reply, "Is it bigger than a bread box?"

Me, "Nope. . . you now have two guesses left."

"You don't play fair, Paula.
I thought I taught you better,"
was the reply.

"Better hurry, I don't have all day, Mom."

"Okay, guess #2 . . .
would I put garlic on it?"
said the woman from the home
where we put garlic on everything
except sweets.

"Nope . . you have one guess left."

"Okay, my darling daughter . . .
would it have anything to do with
the pictures in this post."

You are SO SMART, Mom,
I must have gotten both my
brains and beauty from you!"

"You sure did, dear . . lolololol."

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