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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Are My Ears on Straight

For the little girl in all of us.
This song was published in 1953 . . . I was 2 years old :-}

Let's have a Sing-a-Long for this one, shall we?

I'm a little doll who was dropped and broken
Falling off my mommy's knee
I'm a little doll who has just been mended
Now won't you tell me please.

Are My Ears On Straight, Is my nose in place
Have I got a cute expression on my face?
Are my blue eyes bright, Do I look all right?
To be taken home Christmas Day?

When I first came here, Just a month ago.
Brought in by a little girl who loved me so.
She began to cry, 'Til they told her I
Could be taken home Christmas Day.

Christmas time is drawing nearer, And I'm getting scared
Wish I could see in a mirror, How I've been repaired.
I'll be called for soon, But I'm worried so
Will she love me like she did a month ago.

Are My Ears On Straight? I can hardly wait.
To be taken home Christmas Day

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