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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Afghan Update #2

It has been an Ivory Snow day here in Western New York. When Gene was up at 6:00 AM, the ground was clear and not a snowflake in the air. Then, when I finally woke up enough to crawl out of bed, around 10:00 AM, we  had a beautiful covering of light fluffy Ivory Snow snow.

City trucks had already been around and cleaned the streets . 1st time all year there was snow left on the streets. I knew the ground /streets were finally frozen . . not warm enough to melt the snow, as it fell, this time.

The sun peaked out this afternoon, so I went out to take a picture of the baby blanket, with the snow as a background. It brings out the colors so much more than the hard wood floors inside.

Now, this evening, the snow flakes are falling again . . light and fluffy . . just like Mother Nature opened a box of Ivory Snow and is sprinkling it all over the area.

Now, onto the pictures. I want to keep a day to day update of what has progressed . . or, more exact, each time I post an update, I'll post the previous pictures. I know when I look at it, it seems that it hasn't grown much. But compared to the updated pix, I am impressed with myself :0}

Day 1
Day 2
You can see where Day one stopped and Day 2 started. While I was working on it, I thought the yellow was the dominant color, but now, it looks like blue is showing up.

I am using the following colors. The Dusty Rose is Vanna's Choice. The other 6 colors are Vanna's Choice Baby.
1. Cheery Cherry
2. Goldfish
3. Duckie
4. Sweet Pea
5. Aqua
6. Dusty Rose
7. Bluebell

I started the 1st square with color 1, and ended with color 6. Next square started with color 6, returned to color 1 and started back through the sequence.  Thus, I keep an order to the colors I am using. If I think I might end up with the same  color on the outside round as a square it will touch, I change the number of rounds for a color so they won't touch. Then, I make the 2 round squares a solid color. I just thought that would be a nice change every once in a while.

Now, I wonder how much I will get finished before I take tomorrow's pix . . hope the sun cooperates so I can take the picture outside.


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