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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kinda Auntie Paula Again

As I sit and type, in my hole in the sofa, I look out one of our front windows directly onto the side porch and driveway of our young  neighbors. I say young because, it seems, all of our neighbors are either older than us (and we are 61 and 68 respectively) or they are young . . parents of pre-school - 10 year olds. The neighbors across the street are the youngest . . early 30's would be my best guess.

Both she and I are on Facebook. We laugh that that is how we keep up with each other . . . we read the atest updates. . . oh, and we know when the other family is gone because we both look out onto the others drive ways so we know when the other is gone. We also know if one or the other is gone too long at certain times.

That was what happened Friday night. There was no hubby's car across the street, the side porch light was on, and her car had left sometime during the day and it was dark and no one was home yet.

"Hum," I said to myself. "He sure must have had to work late and she must have gone out to eat with him."

I had no more though t that than her car comes in and she, and their almost 2 year old son, came home.

On Saturday, I see pictures posted of she, little man and her "besty." She had been there and they had taken the little man to his first build-a-bear visit. She ear burned me and asked if the outfit he was wearing looked familiar? We had bought it for his baby shower and she said, at the time, she thought it would be forever until he wore it . . . well, forever came :0}

Messaged her back about where the hubster was . . . he was on a mini-vaca with his buds . . . she said it was only fair since she and the little man went to see her buddy in Oregon last year.

Then I get THE MESSAGE . . am I ready to make more baby hats . . .Aug 29 is their date . . . She's making the "formal" announcement this week, but she said she had to let me know.

So, "Auntie" Paula will be on the baby bandwagon through September . . not bad . . it is a fun bandwagon to be on :0}


  1. Reading between the lines again? Have fun making another baby hat/outfit/booties...lol Congrats Auntie Paula!

  2. Awwww, that's too cool! She's like your daughter that you never had isn't she? I'm totally opposite of you. I don't see anyone and don't really care who's home and who's not. lol. I'm a hermit that just wants everyone to leave alone. I know why people do that now, but I always wondered why people would want to be like that. But I'm not close to family so it's natural I guess, or I'm just weird that way.

  3. How fun! Enjoy your hat-making! =)


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