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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kitchen Works

I so know what I want my kitchen to look like. Only problem is, I always hate to start something that will totally disrupt how I live. . . ie, totally remodel . . which included replacing floor and removing false ceiling in our bedroom in Logan.

I did come up with something that I could do to update the kitchen. Our "back hall hanging rack" decided to fall. Well, the husband "might have" nudged it a  bit when he was going downstairs. I decided THIS was the perfect time to remind him I wanted the newer shelf put up on the other wall for my birthday . . last month and it is still not done.

Anyway, here is what I did over the stove. The husband was ALWAYS looking for pot holders. DO ya think he can find them now? I MUST, however, make a new set since they are on display now.

Oh, and I finally have a place to display the wooden sign Kathy made for me. It just set on the back of the stove, but now it can be seen better. The husband always laughs . . .Paula's kitchen, right

Above the pot holders is a cross stitch I did for the husband. It is a skillet with bacon and eggs in it and basically says, "Nothing says love more than a Man who makes breakfast for the ones he loves."

To add to my "perfectly envisioned kitchen" I saw THE PERFECT table and 2 chairs in the window of one of the antique shops downtown on Monday. I figured, if it was still there when we went to check it out on Tuesday (All-you-can-eat-wings at the K of C next door to the antique shop) and it cost $300 or less, it would be mine.

And, as my luck runs, on Tuesday, the table was still there but the shop was not open . . and it was 2 hours before closing.

Same thing happened on Wed and Thurs . . table still front and center in the window but the store was closed.

Finally, on the way to the grocery on Sat the store WAS open and the table was still there. We stopped, went in, asked the price and was told it was $175 . . . I should have yelled SOLD ! ! ! ! But I said, in a normal voice, do you take credit or checks? Check it was.
  1. Went home, took the back seat out of the back,
  2. drove back to pick it up,
  3. Gene fell backward when helping to carry it out (thankfully he was okay and he didn't wipe out one of the display cases . . our antique shops in town are so packed they look like businesses for hoarders),
  4. loaded everything up,
  5. drove back home
  6. carried table into house, up 6 steps to kitchen
  7. carried chairs in
  8. stood there and smiled like a goofball at my "treasure"
  9. went back outside
  10. put the backseat back into the car
  11. resumed our trip to WalMart for drugs and groceries.

What do you think? As you will notice, this is a small kitchen. The stove in the lower left corner is about 1 foot from the door to the dining room. Just out of view on the right is the fridge that sets next to the wall that separates the kitchen from the stairs to outside and basement. Directly  next to the portable dishwasher is a doorway into the pantry. Lots of openings to a small room. Oh, and next to the stove is a bump out where the chimney runs form the basement to the roof.

What I want to end up doing is tearing the paper off the walls, paint the cabinets white and perhaps the walls white, or Bauhaus Buff, I believe that's the name, (a Sherwin Williams cream color) and the wood around the window white. Then, stencil apples and leaves on the wall.  The picture you can see to the right of the chair is my tea towel of Scottish words sent to me by Sue on Ravelry, It will go in the stairs off the kitchen . . right where the potholder rack had been. So, that said, I have now gone full circle. I started with that rack falling and now I have something to replace it.

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  1. Your new kitchen table is VERY cute! I like it sitting there by that nice window to look out while you eat. It will look even better when you paint your cabinets white or buff. What a deal!


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