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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Momma and Indy Have Boo Boo's

And to make matters MORE similar, we are both on the same antibiotic . . . 500 mg of Keflex . . . Indy takes her caps 3 times a day and I take mine twice a day.

Now, here is how the stories go . . .

Indy's was first. She has those fatty tumors that dogs can get. She has one open two years ago, and last week she had her second one open. THIS time, I knew what to do and didn't freak out.

First she has to "assume the position," which means she has to lay across my lap so I can take a warm/hot cloth and hold it on the sore. The vet wants her to heal from the inside out so this warm compress keeps the outside from scabbing over completely.

After her 5+ minutes of compression she gets bacitracin on the open wound. She has been so good. We have barely had to tell her to leave it alone.

Next day, I took her to the vet because I knew she needed an antibiotic so she would heal from the inside. So a vet trip was in order and Indy got her yearly physical to boot . . . 5 pounds heavier than last year (her winter weight gain), her teeth are in great shape and everything else was good.

Here is what her boo-boo looks like now.

Not to bad considering that last week it looked like a small volcano had erupted on her leg,

Now, for Momma. On Monday I lived in
the sleep shirt all day. Went out to get the mail and coming back in, the storm door edge hits the side of the boob. DAMN! I figured I'd have a strip down the right side of the boob, but n-o-o-o-o-o-o. a regular bruise came up. It was bad enough yesterday but check it out today! It hasn't totally taken over my boob but it is damn close to completely covering up one half of it.

Now, for the boo-boo of this week . . . the boob-boo was just the start.

I must set this up . . . I have hung different WELCOME signs on the risers of out stairway. All 3 have come off so, instead of finding another nail and rehanging them, I have them on the stair tread behind the banisters on the steps where they belong.

Yesterday morning, while dragging the laundry basket behind me down the stairs from the bedroom, I step on the corner of one of the frames . . . and yes, the blue words came out of my mouth. I say to myself, "Well, here goes another nasty bruise!"

To my surprise, when I get to the bottom of the steps I see small pools of blood on the floor where my foot had been.

So, off to the  bathroom paging the husband because, of course, the cut (which I could feel now) was on the callused part of my heal on the right side of the right foot . . . no way I can turn my leg in a direction so I can deal with it.

Poor husband, he doesn't do blood well and he is saying I cut my whole foot. I kept telling him to just clean off the blood so he could see what it actually looked like.

Finally we get to the place where he can put a gauze pad on it and tape like crazy . . . no band aid would have fit there on the heal and all of the tape kept it from falling off.

About noon I decide to go to our local Urgent Care just in case . . . I started having visions of an infection starting so figured that was the best thing . . . plus, didn't know if it needed stitches since every time I stepped with the right foot, I could feel the heal "spreading out" and knew the cut was opening.

An hour later I left Urgent Care with a glued together heal, band aid with a gauze wrap around the heal and ankle . . . again, to keep the band aid on . . . and a script for antibiotics. Didn't know they were the same as Indy's until I looked at them. What a hoot . . . Momma and Indy on the same meds.

Sorry, no foot pix . . . didn't think about taking the camera to the Urgent Care but, while I was there, I wondered what the doctor would have thought if I asked him to take a picture . . .LOLOL


  1. I have been on the same allergy med as my dog too..claritin..and it is cheaper to buy it than get it from the vet. Your boo boob looks awful. That door must have SLAMMED and smashed your boob bad..Hope all your boo boo's are healing well. Have a great day

  2. Goodness Gracious Paula!! You are in the wars! I hope you are taking it easy - and safely - and letting Gene do some pampering of you! Hope you mend really soon xxxxx

  3. I thought that was a typo on the latter post when you put boo'b. Dang girl...a padded bubble is what you need!!

  4. I think you should lay low for a while, Paula. lol ;) I hope you and Indy both heal up soon! It has been windy here, too. My truck door blew~ but open. Almost hit the vehicle next to mine in the parking lot; but I caught it in time. Whew.


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