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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Food and Floss

Okay, before we get started, the title of this post is a lie. It should be Food and Thread, but they don't rhyme, so I took poetic license and changed thread to floss.

I forgot to post these pictures when this box arrived.

It came SO FAST that I quickly ripped into it and look what was inside . . .

jam packed with Bernat Handicrafters thread. Normally, you get 150 yards for around $3.00 ($0.02 a yard, depending on when, where, sale or not.) These were in the $12-$13 range for 1746 yards ($0.008 a yard.)

I didn't know Bernat made thread, let alone a size comparable to #3/#5 thread. It doesn't give a size, but it is close to those two . . LOTS bigger than a #10 thread.

Now, I'm ready to work on those baby girl dresses and sweaters for Ellie Grace.

Now, for the food part. The husband fried some hamburger up for nachos. I set the whole wheat Doritos Scoops out, put refried beans in each scoop topped with cheese, then meat and toppings. Doesn't this plate look SCRUMPTIOUS?

And it tasted better than it looks . . and both the hubby and I had left overs. So nachos will be on the menu for another meal this week.

By the way, have you ever had Taco Sandwiches? They are an invention I had when I 1st started teaching. A single friend, and I, would alternate Friday night suppers . . . we would "experiment" with recipes we found . . . one of my fav's was the Baked Alaska Kathy had . . Lip Smackin' Good!

But, I digress. I had a lot of cut up toppings and meat left over from a  night of tacos at my house . . . but no tacos. So, I toasted two pieces of bread and layered the toppings between the pieces . . . SO GOOD! Haven't had it in years, but the memories sure linger on.


  1. You are a woman after my own heart (oh that sounded weird?...); talking about food you once ate. Lol! :P Taco sandwiches sound good~~ and I have some leftover taco meat in my fridge at this very moment! The nachos look delicious, too. :)

    1. You must tell me if you tried the taco sandwich.

  2. I have tried using that thread. I am not a fan..and you are right..it is not #10..and did you find it somewhat stretchy?..I guess it might be good on the dresses you do, I do doilies and was not happy. I love the colors they offer though. www.yarnandthreadsbylisa.com has 10% off the entire order until I think the 13th..I get most of my stuff there..I think her shipping is reasonable and the prices are some of the best around. Hey have a good one

    1. I haven't used it yet, Vikki. I am trying to finish up the #3 I have on hand. But, when I start my next dress, I'm going to use it.

      You are correct, it wouldn't be good for doilies . . way to thick. By the way, have you ever seen a doily pattern with a deep, like 2-3", ruffle around the edge? Grandma used to make them and I would LOVe to find a pattern and make one for a lamp we have.


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