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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Love Just Happens

Denise, at Riverside Stitching, posted  a quote from J Norman Alvord from Dandelion Summer. A small part of the quote she posted really hit home.

"we find those we are meant to love and those who are meant to love us . . ."

This has been on my mind hot and heavy the past several days.

It is so hard to understand that those are two different concepts:
  1. we love who we love 
  2. we are loved by those who love us 
  3.  they are not always the same people

Why do we love who we love?

Why do people love us?

I am a firm believer that when we come into this world there are those who, by blood, must love us.

 Sometimes, a glitch happens and that blood love doesn't run through every one's veins.

All hearts work the same . . . used, polluted blood in the left side . . runs into the lungs for an oxygen pick me up and pollutant drop off and then pumped out the right side to refresh every cell in our body.

"Family love" works like that, I think . . . we all pick up the pollutants that come with family life. These pollutants, whatever they may be, get digested, ingested and perhaps regurgitated in all kinds of ways, then, finally, everything is clean and pure again and we are ready to love everyone again.

Anyone who grew up with a sibling knows this love . . . couldn't you have killed them many times, but let anyone else try to harm them and you would give your life for them . . . how many times did you "bleed" for them?

There are those outside of the family that we just love and can not explain why or how we love them, we just do . . . we can't pinpoint a chemical or physical reason . . . but we know we love them. And, like family, we could sell them at times, but we still love them. No matter what happens, or how many years pass, the distance between you can be miles or it can be death. No matter what, yes, you still love them.

You feel it deep in your soul . . . which, to me, feels like it is somewhere deep in my body . . . " in the lower left side inside the small intestines, " is specifically where I feel this love. It floats between there and the right side of my brain, right above the right eye. Now, isn't that funny . . . I feel this love for non-family members in two non-heart related places.

What about you? Where does that deep love live in your body? Does it have a place that hurts when you remember it?

Now that I have rambled, I think I have answered the 2nd question . . . people love us for the same reason we love . . .  it just happens . . . no rhyme or reason,
 no birds chirping,

fireworks exploding,

flowers bursting into bloom
leading us down a path to who knows where . . .
 it just happens.

Hum . . . pretty heavy stuff for a Sunday morning . . Thanks Denise for bringing this back to my mind ,

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  1. What a beautiful thought for Sunday morning. Thank you!


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