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Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Life: A -> Z

I just read Megan's blog, Crochet Everyday, where she had this list posted. I thought it was pretty neat, so I'm going to see how I fill it in.
Age: 61 years, 3 months, 15 days . . . almost to the hour

Bed Size: queen . . to small when a 75 pound dog decides it's her bed too.

Chore I Hate: Hum . . that would have to be almost everything. But, I think cleaning the house has to be #1 on the list.

Dogs: starting at age 4 I have had Joy, Paka, Tavish, Sadie and Indy. We had one before Joy, but I don't remember her name, but she was a yellow, short haired dog form the pictures we have.

Essential part of my day: stretching as long as I can stretch my body right before I get out of bed . . and once or twice during the day.

Favorite Color: Denim blue

Gold or Silver: I like them combined.

Height: 5' 7 1/2" at my tallest . . no idea how much I have shrunk :0{

Instruments you play: play(ed) for me; cornet, baritone, french horn and after keyboard skills in college, my right hand can play a piano.

Job title: Queen of her Realm

Kids (6 years x 30students) + (29 years x 125 students)  = (183 students) + (3625 students) = 3808 students, give or take

Live in: Western New York, USA

Mom's name: Leah Jane

Nickname: none

Overnight hospital stays: birth, tonsils, baker's cyst that went from knee surgery to back of leg, leg swelled 3 inches, cyst had to aspirated daily for 3 days then surgery to clean out the remains :0{

Pet peeve: parents who don't put school first in their kids lives

Quote from a movie: none, don't do movies too often

Right or left handed: rightsy tightsy, lefty loosey . . I am a tighty

Siblngs: Lee Allen

Time you wake up: 10 am, not bad for going to bed at 1 or 2 am.

Underwear: yes . . lolol

Vegetables you dislike: cooked broccoli or cauliflower . . but love them raw.

What makes you run late: I don't run late, I am the early bird

X-rays you have had done: knees (meniscus), head (sinus's, not brain!) and multiple mouth x-rays for teeth.

Yummy food you make: sugar cream pie, ice cream salad, round steak stroganoff, meatballs and spaghetti

Zoo - favorite animal: thinking back to the animals I remember from visiting the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago as a VERY young child, I remember the giant monkeys . . probably were chimpanzee's but I saw them as giant monkeys then . . LOLOL

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  1. 10am?? Oh I'm jealous! And there is nothing wrong with us lefties! lol


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