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Sunday, June 3, 2012

God Save the Queen

The husband and I have been watching CNN's coverage of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee on the Thames. What fun the Brits seem to be having in the rain. Poor Queen Elizabeth. It was too bad she couldn't have a nice day for this celebration.

Loved seeing all of the boats . . from canoes to the royal barge. Speaking of which. I told the husband that if we ever become wealthy, I would LOVE to have a barge as a houseboat. Nothing like the one the Queen is on . . . to big. I would take a small Erie Canal barge. I just like the looks of barges, tugboats and houseboats.

Canal boat with mules to pull it along "from Albany to Buffalo."

Now, I wouldn't need the mules to pull mine . . . I would get motors. But, Indy and the cats would have the whole area below deck to run and play.


  1. I love houseboats and from time to time look at them online. No taxes!!! lol

  2. One of my favorite things (when we lived in Michigan) was to go up North. We would go to the Soo Locks, and look at all the big boats. I miss Michigan so much.


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