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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sampler Shawl, Binky Leash and Hat

I have started a prayer shawl for my niece TWICE! I wanted it to be a heavy one so when she wraps herself in it she will feel the warmth I am crocheting into it.

When I found the Sampler Shawl, I knew it was the one I would settle on.

Lauren likes darker colors . . . don't most "kids" in the 30-ish age range prefer this? When we were at Hobby Lobby I found two I Love This Yarn colors that just screamed out to me for her: Ivory Tweed and Naturals Stripes.

Here is what I have so far . . . the stitch doesn't show up the best, but I like it . . . something totally different for me.
I made the middle section from the Ivory Tweed . . . then, on the next strip, I will have Ivory on the top and bottom and the Natural  Stripes in the middle.

I think I told you that Miss Bridget, who was due a week ago today made her appearance on Sunday morning with an added addition. "She" and "her" momma got to come home today. Last night momma and dad decided "her" name would be Evan . . . LOLOL It is sure amazing what a momma sees when they put her "Bridget" on her chest with "her" butt facing momma . . . "she" came with an extra part!  LOLOL

Since I had made only girl things for Bridget, who was born to be named Evan, I needed to get some quick boy things made so when I go visit, I am a neighbor bearing gifts.

Here is the Binky Leash . . . I was so lucky. I had this ribbon in my stash.

And last, but by NO MEANS least, I figured a little "bucket" hat would be cute. Here is the result of that idea.
I put the star on the back to hide a little "rough" space on the seam . . . I was going to add more on the front, but I like the two star look. Ii think once he has it on, the brim will "de-ruffle".


  1. Bridget was really Evan...guess those ultrasounds aren't always correct! lol Oops! Cute new boy stuff - way to get something finished so quickly!

  2. Oh well, there is a lucky baby girls somewhere, get on with the blue xxx


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