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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Basket

My neighbor, Alicia (Aiden and Evan's momma) is a real Halloween person. Not one of those3 who goes all out, but she has several decorations she likes to have out . . . her ancestor pictures are the funniest.

When we were over visiting Evan, we were talking about Halloween and, I don't know how it came up, but she doesn't like Candy Corn. I had an Ah-Ha moment . . . I must make her a Candy Corn banner for Halloween. Now, I liked the Candy Corn Banner that Bev, at One Yarn after Another, made for Cat, at Cat's Crochet Corner.

I ordered my yarn from Cat and got started . . . just winging it, like usual. Before I finished them, I found some Halloween Buttons at Joannes, I think.

There is the final result . . . I just loved it . . and so did she. Oh, and the basket was from A C Moore . . .looked like a flat/half pumpkin so it made the gift even cuter. Plus, remove the Candy Corn Banner and it can  be used through Thanksgiving.

You can see how simple it is . . . just a chain "ribbon" woven through the corn, so the corn can be evenly placed around the basket, and tied in the front.


  1. Thanks for linking up at my Submarine Sunday link party. I really like this basket! And you Halloween blog layout is cute!


  2. This is so CUTE Paula!!! LOVE THIS!! The basket is just perfect, and the buttons are a fun embellishment... Love the bright colors too! VERY nice! ~tina


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