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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Breakfast Pizza Muffins

Y*U*M*M*O ! ! ! ! !
Abby couldn't believe how good they smelled ! ! ! 

A new taste sensation was had in our house this morning . . . 
and were they good!

We started with "raw" pizza dough
and put it in the bottom if Texas Muffin Tins.
(These are the large muffin tins.)

We topped this with Egg Substitute.
(1/4 C +/-) per muffin.

3 Strips of bacon were divided among the 6 tins.

Topped each with a "pinch" of Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese.
(By a "pinch" I mean I "pinched" a bunch from the package
for each muffin.)

We had preheated the oven to 400 degrees F.
Then baked them for 15 minutes.
I can't believe how they "puffed" up.
I wanted to show you
how the bottoms and the top looked
after they cooled a minute or two.


  1. They look wonderful, bet they did not last long. Love your new photo, your hair is beautiful

  2. YUM!! I have been wanting to do some "dinner" or non-sweet type muffins, these look yummy and I bet our kids would love them. Thanks for the instructions. :)


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