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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Great News and Christmas Gift

I forgot to post this yesterday.

Friday, my sister in law had a PET scan to see how the chemo and radiation worked to treat her esophageal cancer, which had made a tumor in the lower end of the esophagus and had already moved to the lymph nodes.

well, I got the long awaited call from the brother yesterday and there are absolutely NO SIGNS of any cancer in her body, and the tumor is almost un-discernible!

The prayers that had gone out for her had been answered.

so, today I was able to go about arranging for the Family Christmas Present I wanted to send to the brother an this family.

I had found a 1st Christmas as a Grandma, one for Grandpa and one for Dad in a Bronner's catalogue. I decided I wanted to find a Christmas ornament for the brother, his wife, their 4 kids, a wife, a significant other and their 1st grandchild Then I thought, "wouldn't they been AWESOME arranged in a real fir wreath?"

I waited  because I wasn't going to do it if they found out this was going to be the sil's 1st and only Christmas as a grandma . . but, now, I could do it.

I called the greenhouse where the oldest nephew had worked. They do some of the best work around. . . and the girl who does most of it knows what I like. I called her today. we decided I would mail the ornaments to myself in care of her at the greenhouse. Then, she would use her judgement on the size of wreath to make so they can put it on their table for the Christmas season.

The ornaments were ordered today, so i shall call her within a day or two to  let her know what to put on the card . . . then wait for a picture from the niece to see what it looks like.

Will post a pix when I get one.

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  1. Oh Paula, what GREAT news!

    Thanks for your suggestions on the pattern writing. I'm going to give that a try.


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