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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's THAT Time of the Year

No, I don't mean Christmas.
I'm talking about our anniversary.

Nine years ago today,
We had a Winter Wedding, not a Christmas Wedding.
Snow People were Everywhere.
at 10:30 am,
I walked down the aisle
to make my first commitment
to another person.

So glad I waited as long as I did.

He is a keeper for sure.

Our Table
Tables for Guests
Chex Mix in the middle of the tables
with balloons tied to the cans.
made from Crayola Modeling Clay,
were at each place setting.
"Menu's" were at each place setting
explaining why we served the food we did.
Explained why the Chex Mix
and Hot Chocolate were special.
And asked everyone to take
whatever decorations they wanted

The Christmas Tree
and the Deet on the stage.

My two best friends
and the husband's brothers
stood up with us.

The husband's family
all made it from New York.

Except for one aunt,
my whole family  made it too.

My "Family" from my 1st teaching job.
They came from Indiana, Ohio and Missouri
to be with us.

My "adopted" family.
So glad they adopted me
after Mom died.

These were the ONLY decorations,
besides the tree and the deer.
that were left . . .
from 20 tables, two bathrooms, the doorways
and the halls and walls.
We said
"No man,"
"But he did the job when he came to town."


  1. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your special day...

  2. Happy Anniversary, may you always find peace, hope and Love. Merry Christmas.

  3. You had a very special wedding. Congratulations on your anniversary.


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