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Monday, January 21, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

I feel like I haven't been around much.
At least I feel that way.

Been working on 4 Round Grannies

with an "I" hook that drives me nuts

for a "Stash Busting" Swap

on Ravelry.

So far I've sent out the top two sets.

The rest are packaged and sitting on the kitchen table

waiting for the Post Office to be open tomorrow.

So out of the 14 I need, 7 will be sent.
The Swap ends in April,
I believe.
I wonder how long it will take 
to get all of my squares?

a light went off in my  brain.

Since I was working on busting my stash,
why not work on E's
2013 Christmas present?

I'm making her my
"1 Fish, 2 Fish" Counting Game.

I made one of the fish
and remembered,
I really needed the tote first

so I had a place to "store"
the fish.

It has been a real
"Labor of Love."
I have made them before
but, the last two times
I just made the totes striped.

This time, I wanted it more colorful.

Did I succeed?
I think so.

Oh, and I forgot this . . 

I bought a DNA Kit from Ancestry
for the husband and I
for our birthdays.

This meant that on Sunday Morning,
before we had anything to eat or drink,
we both spit in our vials
and got them ready to mail.

Thank You Dr Martin Luther King Day
for making us wait one more day to mail them.

And, finally, Miss Indy,
sitting in the living room,
this morning,
watching the inauguration.

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