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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Time to Start Christmas Pressies

Yes, you read the title of this post right . . it is that time of the year to start Christmas presents.

I have one made. I decided to make potholders for my nieces and nephews. At last count that would mean potholders for 6 households.

This nephew had a white and black kitchen. (At least, that is what the picture of his remodeled kitchen looks like.) Now I need to finish the second one. I ran out of I Love This Cotton, or I would show it to you. I "plan" on it being a woven front and a granny back.

Next, I was in Michael's and found these three glass "trinket" keepers. (I wish I had a photo so you could see what I mean.)They are probably about 4" x 4" in size. Each has a different word or saying on it. One is "dream," one is "how time flies" and the other says something about create. I have a niece who is very creative, so she gets the one whose phase I can't remember, Miss E's mom gets the "how time flies" since she has two boys and Miss E so I know her time flies. Then the "dream" goes to my oldest niece.

I am SO PLEASED with myself, I have these last three wrapped and tags on them. Can't do the potholders until the second one gets done.

Found out the color combo's in two more of the kitchens. 
L's = black and blue
J's = chocolate, baby blue, beige/tan

Now, all I need are W's, A's and another L's and I will have my list of colors. I think I need to post these in Ravelry so I can see how long it takes me to do all 12.


Second handmade item is on the hook as I type. It came in a round-about way. I was making a Valentine's dress for Miss E (but I think it looks way to small.) While I was working on it, I got so many queries on the stitch I was using, while I was waiting for the husband in the waiting room of the dr's office.  One woman was a crocheter and had never seen the stitch before. It was a Solomon's Knot/Lover's Knot. I slowed down and was very specific about the steps. It is VERY easy once you get your rhythm, but it is so weird when you see it made.

She asked, "What else could you make with it." My response, "I think a scarf would look good."

So, I came home and started a scarf. Here is what I have finished since yesterday afternoon. Even though the ruler on the right looks too long, it reaches to the end. I put the rulers on the piece so I could keep track of how long it was on a day to day basis. After one day, it is 18" (+/-). 

Here is a close-up.  You still can't see the stitch well. BRB, need to take a better pix. 

Here you go . . .

 I'm using Bernat's Sequin (in white) and Lighthouse Mist (in midnight fog).

When I ordered these from Herrschners (one of their last sales of 2012), it said the Lighthouse Mist was a 5-Bulky. I thought that would make a nice texture with the Sequin yarn. When I got it, it is about as thick as a #5 Crochet Thread . . . and maybe a little thinner. 

Wonder how they ever came up with a BULKY tag for it? Do these two skeins (which are the same color) look like they are BULKY to you? I think not!  LOLOL You can tell that the color goes from the light cream to a black. So I never know what color will appear on the scarf. Just hope that when it gets done. it will look as good as it does now.

Update on Clean Up

I've talked about "my hole." This is the end of the sofa where I sit, along with the yarn/junk keeper and the extra area for stuff (as in stuffing and boxes) that has no place else to go.

Here is what it looks like now. You can see a little of the bag of stuffing hiding in the middle, the box that the newest yarn came in (for the scarf), the green thing is the base of a floor lamp where I hang my DMC FLoss (which I don't use now, but don't have the heart to take down). Then, the storage "thing-y". You can see the orange glass I use in the corner, behind it are two Zip-lock bags(one with buttons and one with Jingle Bells). TO the left you will find a pad of paper and one left over receiving blanket that I have yet to edge, the pink sticking out in the back right of the "thing-y" is the Valentine's Dress I was working on and to the far left is the yarn I'm using for my yoga socks, that, hopefully soon, will be made.)

But, I digress . . . I actually cleaned-up this area today ! ! ! !Now, I can actually put whatever I am working on inside the "thing-y" and close the top when I am done at night. Maybe this will keep Miss Abigail out of the yarn I am using!

I think this is enough for one day . . . have to start resting up  so I can be born tomorrow. And, I think tomorrow (11 Jan 2013)  will be the last day I will have the old blog active . . . that means, if you want to keep following me, you will need to click on this link and become a follower.

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