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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rough Week

It's been a rough week here in the Tooke Hacienda.

On Monday night, I decided to take a shower. There was something on the floor of the tub, so I bent over to rub it off. When I stood up, I became a little dizzy. C*R*A*S*H, next thing I know I'm sitting on the shower curtain. and the the backs we have for decoration, on the floor while my legs are over the edge of the tub. Talk about "What a sight!"

I can't believe the husband didn't come upstairs to see what happened when the "earthquake" hit! And I can't believe I didn't break, or at least bruise, something?

Then, on Tuesday night I had a real experience. This is how it happened.

I discovered the combination of a hard cooked egg in Ramen noodles is delicious. To make mine, I put the egg in 4 or more cups of water and put the water in the microwave to boil. After 5 minutes I take it out, add the Ramen noodles and seasoning and cook another three minutes, then drain most of the water off.

Well, this time while I was draining, the egg exploded and waters and noodles came flying my way.

As quickly as you can say "Jack Robinson," I pulled my night t-shirt away form my body (it was kinda hot, ya know) and put the 4 Cup Pyrex Measuring cup down. 

The husband asked if I was alright, my response, "Of course, why wouldn't I be." and headed into the bathroom to take off the night t-shirt, see the damage and find something else to put on.

This is the area between the breast tonight . . .
4 days after the burn.
I noticed the left breast was pretty red, the right, a little, between them, on the upper "belly" it was redder and the left hand, above the thumb was a little red too.

I put 3-in-1 Ointment on all red spots and went back out to get my supper . . . or whatever hadn't blown out of the bowl . . . LOLOL

The belly area hurt some on Tuesday evening, but not as bad as I am sure it should have.

On Wednesday morning, the husband had his final, we hope, oral surgery. He had  what teeth remained in his head removed before Christmas. When he went in to get the impressions made for his new plate, the Dr on duty discovered he had something wrong with the mandible and maxilla and he needed to get them "shaved" or his new plates wouldn't fit. Wednesday morning, the "shaving" happened. 

I was totally surprised how quickly they did it . . top right bone and on the bottom, from the middle to the left, but not all the way to the molars. When he came out, he had been shot to high heaven with Novocaine, and he had gauze in his mouth. This is rough for a hubby who LOVES to talk, but nice for me . . I got some quiet time :)

Wednesday night, he is feeling pretty good . . . and I'm checking out the burn . . . I saw a small piece of loose skin . . and here is the result of that. Guess it was a worse burn than I thought. 

I found out last night that I still had some non-stick gauze pads which I could use when I put the ointment on the raw skin. I was having trouble with regular gauze sticking to the wound.

It's looking better, but still has a way to go . . . hope it seals itself so I don't have to worry about an infection.

Oh, the husband told me, on Thursday, "No driving for you . . I don't want to experience what your third problem is going to be."


  1. Paula. Goodness please sit down until you heel up! No driving or stairs! Take care.

  2. Oh my Goodness!! Do you have any vitamin E capsules? I think those are the best for burns. I poke a hole in one with a needle, and squeeze the vitamin E out. I hope it doesn't hurt as bad as it looks, and I hope everyone starts healing up/no more oral surgery. :(

  3. Sorry to hear this. Seems like we often get overwhelmed with hard times.
    You take good care Paula.
    The sun will shine for you soon. :o)

  4. By Gum Paula! You never do things by half do you?! Hope you are on the men d x


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