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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Show Time

Just a quickie.

This is what I've been up to. 
Piecing together the 5" squares I have received from the 
Granny Stash Busting Swap 
on the Vanna's Choice group at Ravelry.

It is SO NICE seeing the sun out in February.

It makes the world brighter when the sun is shining . . . 
even if the temperature is still a tad chilly . . .
as in 42 degrees :) 

This is my inspiration.
It lies on the railing of our stairs.
And, yes, if you think you see a 
poinsettia garland under the afghan,
you are correct-a-mundo.
Forgot to take it down at Christmas
and now it is under the blanket :)


  1. I'm able to comment ... thank you : ) Once again, great afghan!

  2. BEAUTIFUL afghan Paula!!.. And YES, the weather has hit the 40s here too! Monday and Tuesday, we even walked the dog; but today, we're getting a rainy/snowy wintery mix, and it does look messy out there! Stay in, stay dry, stay warm, as best you can, and have a great day! ~tina

  3. Bright beautiful squares. Aren't they the right thing for the end of winter blahs. :o)

    Sounds like you are feeling better and that's a good thing too.

  4. Lovely blanket! Enjoy it. Regula

  5. Wonderful stash-busting project!

  6. Gorgeous! Love the look you have achieved with this granny blanket.
    It looks great hanging there with all the beautiful colours on show.


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