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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter Storm . . . HA!

So the Northeast had a major storm, huh?

Below is what was outside of our house this morning.
Probably no more than 6 inches, at that.

What a Bummer!

Indy's prints
 from her first "potty" of the day.

"Action Alley" isn't too  bad.
this acts as a wind tunnel
and it drifts horribly.

The "Road Warriors"
on their first run of the day.

The trees
do look pretty this morning.

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  1. Hi Paula! YES, I agree with you, that we didn't get quite the predicted amount of snow here either. As much as eighteen inches was predicted, and we got quite a bit still, but I would say we got a foot at the most! I'm not even sure if we got that much!... Just the same, I hope you're enjoying your weekend! I've done both some crocheting and scrapbooking... watching a little t.v.... It's been quiet, but very nice just the same! ~tina


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