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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Easter Clothes

It was time to make Miss Elizabeth some crocheted "treasures" for her 1st Easter.  had one hat made, a pattern I have LOVED forever. Then I found a second hat, with a flower, and had to make it.

Next came a pair of saddle shoes and finally, I decided to use the yarn I have been using for a swap to make a sweater. When the sweater was almost done, I found the cutest stuffed toy that just screamed out to me.

Here is the culmination of the last week's crocheting.

Bunny Hat on the right is from Annie’s Crochet Newsletter, Sept-Oct 1990.

The six buttons down the front match the button hole band PERFECT ! ! ! ! !
And the best part, they were 4 for $0/78 at WalMart!
You can barely tell that there is an Olive row between the Pink and Chocolate.

Just love making Join-As-You-Go Granny things.
By the way, do you know that one of the names for a one round granny is a Saltine?

Two little Bunny Hats.
Big ear on the right and pink lined ear on the left belong to the hat on the bottom.
Flower hat and saddles.

Saddles and the Bunny Hat with matching ears :)

LOVE the way everything goes together.

If you would like to buy the pattern pattern for Elizabeth's Saltine Sweater, it is available for $4.99 in my Ravelry Store, "The Fur~Babies Momma." Just click the buy now button to be transported to my shop.


***100% of the purchase price for the pattern goes to Natalie's 2nd Chance Shelter, a no-kill dog shelter in my home state of Indiana. It is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization***


  1. Very cute Paula and you have been busy!

  2. Oh my gosh.. LOVE the little bunny hat!! I just might HAVE to make that for my niece's little girl! (hmmm.. Probably for her brother too. One in pink ears, one in blue, I imagine.) So CUTE, anyways, and love the little stuffed bunny too, Paula! Beautiful work!... Enjoy your day! ~tina

  3. So soft and beautiful pastel color. Pretty goodies.


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