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Sunday, April 7, 2013

FINALLY, Indy Gets Her Momma Back

Finally, Tuesday morning came around. I had a HORRIBLE night sleeping. For some unknown reason, I had the weepy eyes . . any little thing brought the tears up . . . guessed that is what being too pissed off can do to a person.

As soon as I got to sleep, the GI doctor came in. Well, it seemed like I had just gotten to sleep . . the last time I saw the clock was 2 am and the doctor came in at 6 am.

Good guy . . glad he was the one I got. Asked some questions, final question is, Does your abdomen hurt?"

My response, :No."

His, "Does it hurt here?" as he pressed on the lower right side of the liver . . . MAN, did it ever hurt.

He said he didn't see why I would need surgery yet, just to watch it.

When the Cardiac doctor comes in I get the option,, "Do you want to stay and talk to the surgeon or go home."

DUH, is that even a choice? I picked home and told her the husband had already gotten me an appointment with my primary care doctor. She liked that and by noon, I was busted out!

Now, the rest of the week didn't get a whole lot better. Had to get x-rays taken on Wednesday for an Orthopaedic appt. on Thursday. They said they would email the pictures. When I got to the dr's office, "Why, no, we didn't get any pictures?"

So, they called the hospital, I went to get the x-rays on disc . . went to the building where I got the x-rays (outpatient). The receptionist got shitty with  me, and it felt so damn god to be shitty right back! I;ll be damned is a receptionist is going to be nasty to me when I ask a perfectly legit question.

So, I had to go to the hospital, right across the parking lot . . . went in the outpatient door, they said the x-rays were at the front lobby desk. Went to the desk, "Why no, we don;t have them." And the smoke started rolling out of y ears again. They sent me to Radiology and, yes, they had them.

Then, the FINAL STRAW . . had taxes done on Friday and through some miracle, the hubster gets taxed on $8,000 that he wasn't taxed on last year . . . Let's hope to GOD this IS the last wrench thrown into our well oiled machine of a family!


  1. This has definitely not been your week.... Hopefully things will look better soon!

  2. Glad you have your freedom of sorts. I do hope you are now going to feel much better, are you on a low/nil fat diet to get rid of the stones.

    A body warmer, is a lightweight lightly padded jacket without sleeves, and I love mine.

  3. Wow, I thought I was having a bad week. I hate going to the doctors/making appointments/ANYTHING.. I don't see why receptionists have to be that way, I have had some, too. I hope everything gets taken care of, and you can settle down and relax soon.


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