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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Long Three days

It's been a long three days.

When you were growing up, did you do the game we did where you would nail a friend with a knuckle . . just as hard as you could right in their upper arm muscle? (If not, you have NEVER LIVED . . but, I digress.)

I was watching TV Saturday afternoon, Well, really I had the TV on while I crocheted and checked everything I could online. I got this pain right at the bottom of my sternum . . if felt EXACTLY like someone had nailed my sternum with their knuckle. Actually, it was below the Xiphoid Process.

I would have sworn there was a bruise there . . and I kept feeling around the area to see if there was some type of a small lump there . . . very weird feeling.

About two hours later it came back. Made me wonder if it was more than a pain. Lately I have been hearing so much about "when a woman woman has a heart attack they symptoms aren't the same as with a man."

About 4:30, we headed out to the local hospital ER . . . sure wish it had been during the week so I could have gone into the wellness clinic our Dr's office has started . . to let their patients same some $$$ by not going to one of those emergency medical places outside of a hospital.

Got in quicker than the time I showed up in the middle of the night with an anxiety attack. Guess writing "chest pain" down as my symptom got their attention. An aspirin, EKG, blood work and chest x-rays were done quickly. Found out I had elevated Liver enzymes.

Since they didn't know what caused it, and it could still be something with the heart, they "booked a room" for me in the "24 hour observation" suites . . and I say "suites" tongue in cheek.

8:05, I enter room 535 . . . and waited until 8:20 for anyone to come in and check me in . . . then, it was the head nurse . . she comes in and says, "I'll be right back."

I looked in the drawer of the bedside table to see if I could find any info about phone and TV . . wanted to let the husband know I FINALLY made it up to a room . . I had sent him home earlier . . still don't like him driving with one good eye at night.  I couldn't believe this . . the drawer was empty, the cabinet part was empty and so was the closet . . . GOOD GOD! Our  hospital in our hometown had a binder that had all kinds of hospital and room info . . . I got a sheet of paper folded in half to make a "table tent" on the table saying "Welcome to DeGraff Hospital!"

FINALLY, the nurse, I mentally called her "Nurse No Personality" came in and did just the amount of work that she could get by with. I kept asking her questions so she had to work. When I told her I couldn't call out on the phone, she was put out, but did call, wherever they have to call, to get the phone and TV hooked up. Found out that since I was on "observation", they would be free.  SHIT, again, in the hospital in my hometown, he TV and phone have been free for years . . I know, I know, nothing is free, but they are part of the room price.

Should have known this wasn't going to be a good visit. But, I carried on.

Remember I got to the hospital about 4:30 and it is now a little after 9 when the aide comes in. I asked her if she could call down to the cafeteria to get me something to eat.

"You mean the ER didn't order you anything to eat?"

I so wanted to say, "Yeah, they did and it was so delicious I wanted more." Instead, I politely said, "No,, they ordered something for the man next to me who was there before me, but never said anything to me."

(And, as a little aside, he was going home where he could have gotten something to eat . . . but I was nice.)

Well, their cafeteria isn't like ours at home that always has someone on duty to put something together for anyone who gets admitted late . . . might just be a salad and turkey sandwich, but you get something. I had a choice of a Lean Cuisine chicken parmigiana or a pot pie . . . well, I HATE pot pies so I had one choice . . . scarfed it down because I hadn't had anything since breakfast . . was not tasty at all. Now I think I know why . . I searched all over the Lean Cuisine web site and no where is there a picture of what I had . . . so God only knows what kind of chicken, pasta, broccoli (which is at the bottom of my food choice with cooked cauliflower) and about 3 1/3" pieces of apple in some type of sauce . . . .

Get the idea of how my Easter started out this year?

The next installment . . . Easter Sunday in the hospital.


  1. Hey lady I do so hope you are feeling better, post like these are a worry.

    It is the same here in UK, on all of my stays I had a private room, and fleeting visits from staff, food on 1st meal was hit or miss and even on ordered meals not good, do as I did, get food parcels sent in and fresh coffee as well.

    Please be better soon xxx you are in my thoughts.

  2. What a story! How are you feeling today? And please do not be sad about getting no comments through link parties. It is really hard to get noticed!

  3. I am SO sorry to hear you had to spend Easter in the hospital!!! I do hope you are feeling better and to hell with Lean Cuisine. They are all just plain nasty. Please tell me you got to eat something decent on Sunday and that you are feeling better.

  4. Oh Paula,
    Our medical experiences today can be such sad tales. I hope you are feeling better.
    Look forward to reading your next installment.
    Smile when you can and
    Take care...


  5. Sounds like you were about to have an awesome Easter! At least you are home to report how it went so I'm guessing you have improved.

  6. I'm so sorry to read about your hospital experience up to this point. Sounds like our local hospital thus far. I hope things improved to the point where they sent you home!

  7. Sorry you went through that. Hope they found a fix for the pain. Take care.


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