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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Frozen Fruit Sherbert

Summer is O*F*F*I*C*I*A*L*L*Y here . . . 
the spotted bananas have been changed into a summertime treat.

We are in the midst of turning
those spotting bananas
into Frozen Fruit Sherbet.

Mixed and ready to freeze :)
1.5 C Sugar (I NEVER use this but it is part of the recipe.)
2 C Hot (from the tap) Water
6 oz Can of Frozen Orange Juice
4 Bananas - chopped/sliced. etc.
20 oz Can of Crushed Pineapple (Pineapple Tidbits work also)
Large Bottle of Maraschino Cherries, drained
  1. Mix all ingredients in a container with a tight lid. Stir to distribute fruit evenly.
  2. Freeze, turning upside down, or stirring, until completely frozen.
  3. Remove 30 minutes before serving to allow it to "slush."

Favorite Option: Place mixture in foil lined muffin tins, freeze without turning. Makes individual sherbets. (This is how I would make the desert when I was taking it to a school for a carry in.)

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