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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yard Pictures from June 2013

Indy with some of our Martha Washington Geraniums.

The red, white and blue cup and saucer from Walmart.
I found the two cement like dog and cat sculptures at Joanne's years ago.

Complete view of steps to front porch.

Right side of front garden. The large flower stake is another WalMart find.
There is a ball in the center that lights and changes to different colors.
In the front right are all of my Coral Bells. Behind the coral bells, to the left
is a green mound of Ozark Mountain Sundrops which will bloom Butter Yellow

Left side of garden with the Butterfly Bush anchoring the left side
and two rosebushes climbing up the corner of the house.
The large flower on a stake was a Christmas present from my nieces and nephews.

Here is a close-up of my Christmas present.
The neatest thing about it is that it was made by
a friend who I taught with for years.
We retired the same year and she opened up an art studio.
My niece heard me talking about the large flowers
she made from bowls and cups and hos I wanted one.
This is the one she made for me :)

More Martha Washington Geraniums
and our two  hanging baskets of geraniums.

This is the view our neighbors have of our front yard.

Moss rose in the back
and dying daffodil leaves in the front around our housewarming WELCOME stone.

HUGE old fashioned rose bush in the back yard.
Easy to grow . . . I had it in Indiana climbing a trellis

The husband cutting the backyard weeds
in front of our flowering Clematis.

My mother-in-laws goose and her goslings
walking around our cherry tree in the back yard.

You can't see it very well
but these are my remaining 4 bunnies I bought years ago at Joannes
and my 2 lavender plants.

The hostas are on the north side of the house
where they have flourished.
The purple flowering grassy plant is some time of a "wort."
I want to call it a lung wort but I'm not sure.

More hostas . . .
someone didn't tell the middle hosta it was supposed to get huge.

A dainty white flowering "Stepable" on the left, an Astible
and another huge hosta,

Another hosta that didn't get the "huge" message between two huge hosta.

Guess what, two more hostas.

Now you can see a few of our Lily-of-the-Valley with two more hosta.

One surprise hosta . . . nether the husband or I remember planting this one.


  1. Love all your hosta's and they look healthy, the slugs are such a pest i don't grow them. Your garden is lovely thanks for the tour.

  2. Absolutely LOVE your porch. The hanging baskets and especially the geraniums.
    Your homey style is very welcoming.
    Do enjoy all the beauty you have created. :o)


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