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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Christmas Food.

I've spent most of the last several days working on Christmas presents for M and E. There is a three year age difference, but I think M will enjoy hers now, and E will get hers for her 2nd birthday.

Oh, what am I making? I making them food so their imagination can figure out what to do with what I make.

Here is what I have made so far.

These have to be Red Delicious . . they are HUGE.

LOVE my curly bacon.

I think these are just adorable.

These are beets,
but I figure the kids will think
they are giant radishes :)

Breakfast is served.

Ii may have to make some English  muffins for these.

I lost one of the white eggs.
(Found it after taking the pictures.)
I will end up with four of each color shown,
plus four yellow-er ecru eggs.
I figured give each girl half of everything I make.

Pancakes with butter pats.
Going to publish this pattern for free . . so easy, but so cute!

Next, I'm going to try to make a picnic basket for each girl to hold their food. Right now, I'm hoping a 12" x 12" square and 12" high should be a good start. But I have a feeling, the food will overflow the picnic baskets . . . isn't that the way picnic baskets work?

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