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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Family Picture TIme

First we have Abigail . . . or, as I call her, Abidail Tiddy Girl. AT night, when she becomes the Great Gray Hunter, the only way I can get her to stop her yeowling, and come up stairs to bed is call "Come Here, Abidail Tiddy Girl." For some reason, she knows this is her call and will, normally, come running up the stairs after I call her a couple of times.

In the video, you will notice she is very thin. She has a thyroid problem and has to take meds twice a day . . it is compounded by a Compounding Pharmacy so it can be applied to her inner ear as a lotion. After three years, she is finally getting used to it.

Now, we have Nosy. She is a calico and is EXTREMELY independent. For some reason she has gravitated to the husband. I tell her, "Why do you like him? I'm the one who chose to keep you?"

Lately, she has decided she wants me to rub her neck . . . would you check out how she is stretched out over the edge of the sofa? In her own, cool, collected way, she is a goofball.

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