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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy 96th Halloween Birthday, Dad

I can't believe it . . . I was featured again !

T'onna, aka Navy Wifey Peters who sails on her blog USS Crafty
had a Submarine Sunday Halloween Features blog this week.

She featured the Halloween items she has made and then featured Halloween items that have been posted on her 
Submarine Sunday Linky Party.

I was #21 in her photo gallery of Spooky Star Shipmates
for Miss E's Halloween present:

The skirt pattern came from T'onna's blog . . . 
it's made with two bandanas.

When I found the Halloween Onsie, 
I knew I had to make the skirt . . . 
Think it was too big for this year, but that means
it will be #1 on next year's Halloween ensembles.

Happy 986th Halloween Birthday, Dad.
And to steal from a song . . . 
I miss you more today than yesterday . . . 
but only half as much as tomorrow.

My favorite picture of Dad and I.
Father's Weekend
Ball State University,
Muncie, Indiana


  1. Aw, Happy Birthday to your Dad.

    And congratulations on being featured again.

  2. I love love love your photo with your dad, so happy, so 70's, thanks for sharing it xxx


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