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Friday, November 15, 2013

Gingerbread Girl

I hope I will be able to crochet something special for Miss Elizabeth for each Christmas until I go to the great beyond for my reward, and get to pick up my "crown for heaven."

When I saw this pattern on the 12 Patterns of Christmas on Red Heart I fell in love.

I still love it, but I would make one major and one minor suggestion that I think would make the "baby mamma" happier: 
1. No Buttonholes . . . use snaps on the legs and the front of the romper. 
2. Find some cute buttons (peppermint candy would be cute) to place on the front of the romper to look like buttons.

Oh, as you can tell, if you look at the pattern, I reversed the colors on the vest . . . to be honest, I thought it was green so I picked up the green and discovered it should have been red, when I got to the underarms. No Way I was frogging or starting over.

I also left the white "rick-rack" off the vest and dropped the "bow" tie. I thought the white rick rack just made the vest look too busy and I couldn't figure out how the tie actually worked. Then thought, "If someone put me in this tie, I know I would have torn it off right away." So, no vest rick rack and no tie.

I LOVE the hat. I think I will make it again and again in different weight yarn and, maybe, add a pattern to the stitches . . . it just has a nice shape and is a great size for a cloche type hat.

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  1. That is soooo cute. Great job. I love to crochet and have lots of patterns but I have a hard time reading them. How did you learn?


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