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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hair Cut . . . YEAH !

This is what my hair looks like if I let it hang . . . YUCK! But I thought I would let it gow out and donate 9" of hair again this summer. But it looked SO BAD . . . even when I used electric curlers, or a curling iron, it still wouldn't curl for any time. Guess my hormones must REALLY, REALLY be changing.

So most of the time I would  just pull it back in a pony tail and that was that. I even made a sock hat where I could pull my ponytail through it so my head wouldn't freeze in this frigid weather we have been getting.

Today we went to a WalMart with a beauty shop. I decided enough was enough. This is how the hair looks now. I am SO HAPPY! The length is perfect for winter, and once I start messing with it it will be JUST PERFECT for me :)

THis morning I received the cowl I'm wearing. It was from a swap in a Ravelry group. I am IN LOVE with it!


  1. You look fabulous! Understand how you feel about constantly pulling your hair back...hate it myself.

  2. Looking good again, scarf was a nice gift. xxx

  3. Lovely!
    That style gives you a more youthful shine,. :o)


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