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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Nosebud . . . 29 March 2003 - 11 Jan 2014

Nosebud died,
Saturday Evening,
11 Jan 2014.
(This was not the birthday present I had wanted .)
Nosebud when she felt good
sleeping in "her box."
 I knew it would happen.
Heavens, as soon as we are born
we are starting our journey to death.
Snuggling with me
10 Jan 2014
 It just doesn't seem fair
that an animal can't tell you
when and where they hurt.
They just have to rely on their human
to correctly read their signals.

 But, she let me snuggle with her
this last week.
I hope it made her feel as comfortable
as it made me feel.
Snuggling with me
10 Jan 2014
 She was always an independent calico . . . 
stand-offish, only got petted when she wanted it
and, heaven forbid, I should try to pet her.
No idea why, but she only became friendly with me
 the last couple of months.
Maybe, in the deep recesses of her mind
she knew something was going on in her body
and she needed to make amends.
Snuggling with me
10 Jan 2014
She got her 2nd IV on Saturday.
She took it well . . . 
she had even gained some weight
since she was weighed earlier in the week.
Probably from the last IV . . . 
she sure hadn't been eating much.
I tried to get as much canned, high calorie food
into her by syringe as I could.
But, she would finally let me know enough was enough.
Snuggling with me
10 Jan 2014
If there is a good thins to say,
she died on her own.
I think she might have had a stroke . . . 
just the movements she made.
But she let me pick her up
and she died in my arms,
lying on my chest
with my heartbeat helping her pass over
the Rainbow Bridge to be with her fur~Momma.

God Rest you sweet soul, Nosie.
Momma always loved you
and will see you when it is her time to go.


  1. I am so so sorry for your loss....... She looks like a very sweet kitty...

  2. (((HUGS)))

    So sorry to hear your baby has passed. I'm sure she knew you loved her.

    Happy Birthday too.

  3. Glad you were with her to ease her over the Rainbow Bridge.

  4. Glad you were with her at the end to help her to the Rainbow Bridge

  5. So sorry for your loss! Hugs and prayers!


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