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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Yard Work

On Monday, the husband and I stopped b y a local lawn service that also sells bulk top soil and mulch. We placed our order for "one bucket" of top soil and "two buckets" of black mulch.

This is what we have in our driveway now.

We have used a lot  of the topsoil in the front yard. We have a TON, well, maybe not a ton, but a whole bunch or small holes in the yard and then, after the sewer lines got fixed, we have torn up places from the back hoe and the area they had to dig in.

What we did yesterday was "bury" a drain from our down spout  under what will be a mound of flowers. This area was where we had a beautiful butterfly bush that had to be dug up when out sewer connection was broken.

Not sure what we will plant on the hill, but we do have an angel statue to place on top of it.

It rained pretty well last nights, so the dirt we added to the yard yesterday has settled so we know we have to add more to FINALLY make the yard level.

Notice the purple flower with the yellow center. That's our Pasque Flower. This year, instead of blooming on Easter, it started a week later. Just look at all the blooms now. It will continue to  bloom for quite a while and when the blooms die, the seed pods are very interesting to leave in the garden.

We have "the cemetery" finished. On Monday, we bought three different types of Hens and Chickens. I split them up and planted them in the back part of this bed, down the sides and ended up with one for the front.

Today, the husband put mulch on the bed, so it is looking real nice. All we need to do now is find some Moss Rose (portulaca?) to mix in with it for some color.
I think this bed is so  pretty right now. Those King Alfred Daffodills just make our home stand out from the others on the street.

I spent my afternoon weeding this flower bed. If you look at the mulch/topsoil photo, this is the fence that runs beside the driveway to the garage. The day lilies that are already leafing need to be thinned but I wanted to weed first. I didn't weed this garden  last year so you can imagine how bad it was:(

Now, I need the husband to dig up the day lilies so I can split them up. I don't mind one or two in each of the spaces where the clumps are now, but I want to be able to plant some Coral Bells and other Butterfly inviting flowers here . . . And we grow green beans on  t he fence too :)


  1. Your garden areas all look so nice! I can't wait to try some flowers here; my husband put in a little retaining wall area. We just need to get some plants/flowers. :)

  2. Nice work with a fantastic finish.I love my garden it is so relaxing.


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