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Thursday, July 24, 2014

They're Here

Indy found some boxes on the front porch today.
I am REAL excited to see all of them.

The top box contains the yarn I won
for placing in the Vanna's Choice Contest this spring.

The bottom two are from DirecTv.
It has only taken me three calls to them
to send these boxes to me.
We upgraded to HD 
and have 4 receivers we needed to return.
Once one calls them,
they say they will be sending boxes out to you.
Well, I think it took me one extra call
to get an American on the phone
who actually understood what I wanted.

Since the bottom two boxes are empty,
I won't show you what is inside them.

Here is what was inside the Lion Brand box.

It included the following 21 yarns.
Tapestry: Brazil, Scandinavian and Peru
BonBons: Happy and Peaceful
Glamor: Diamond and Lapiz
Worsted AWeight Vanna's Choice:
2 Navy, and one each of the following:
Aqua, Colonial Blue, Dusty Blue,
Silver Blue, Sapphire, Linen, Beige,
Mustard, Terracotta, Honey, Rust
and Raspberry.

Now, to find patterns :)

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