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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Senior Cords

When you were in high school,
8.000,000 years ago, if you are like me,
there were traditions
of which you HAD to partake.
Actual first line words and music for school song along the hem.
A football playing football . . . I always thought this was a neat logo . . .
a blond cornet player (me, even though it is a boy),
"Take It Easy" was a musical our junior year that I was in,
HI-TRI I was a girls club, part of the YWCA, and I was president
and finally, our school name with ivy twining through it.
I think the most important one,
at LHS,
was the designing
and wearing 
of Senior Cords.
Yellow corduroy pants for boys 
and skirts for girls
painted with memories of high school.
In 1968-69
these cords were to be worn with
oxford cloth,
button down collared
baby blue 
long sleeved shirts . . . 
for both male and female students.

I don't know when 
cords went out of fashion with the seniors
probably when decent looking school clothes
bit the dust :(
Working around to the front we have more school song, play and Hi-Tri then
must have Class of '69 reference,
Peppermint Patty, from Peanuts, who I felt a kinship with,
school logo - Loyalty, Honor and Service,
Scrooge McDuck to show I was the treasurer of FTA
(Future Teachers of America)
and finally a mortar board which,
when I wore it,
had a tassel that I could take off when the skirt was washed.
We would buy or cords
and find someone to do the painting
the summer before we were seniors.
In my case,
that was the summer of 1968
and Dody Porter 
said she would paint them for me.

I sketched out what I wanted . . .
no way would I have tried to paint them . . .
the thought still makes me shudder . . . 
me paint something as sacred as my "cords."
(That's what we called them . . . cords . . .
everyone knew 
they were the traditional clothing 
worn by Seniors at LHS.)
and pinned the sketches
where I wanted them to go.

More school song, McDuck and mortar board then
a baseball bat playing baseball,
another logo I loved,
a blond girl
(whose hair and glasses were
caricatures of me)
singing in choir and
our school nickname . . .
yes, my high school was names for a fruit . . .
the Logan Berry :)
I also copied the words and music
 to our school song . . . 
that was going to go around the hem.
And finally,
we have made it around the skirt.
I end up my year by commencement
and I will start in the fall at
Ball State University.
These were worn the 1st day of school,
when we all parked our cars 
at Eastgate (a strip shopping center in town)
and marched down Broadway
(the main street/state highway through town)
blocking all traffic
on our way to school . . . 
what fun it was!
To this day, everyone knows
to watch out for Seniors on the 1st day of school
but today they drive their cars
all over town in parades . . . 
lazy, car riding kids . . . LOLOL

Hope you enjoyed my trip down
Memory Lane.

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