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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lily and Tooth Fairy

Look at what the husband found in the newest flower bed in the back yard. We planted lily roots about 3 or 4 weeks ago. 

First of all, we couldn't believe they leaved already. Bt when we saw the shoot go up for a flower, we were amazed.

Living in the Buffalo, New York, area, we could have easily had a snowstorm that would have killed it. Or one of those bad frosts we can get. Being close to the house might have helped protect them from the cold weather we have had.

Here is a close-up. It is such a pretty shade. In person it looks like a cocoa brown with some pink and lavender on the leaves.  I just looked on the Springhill Nursery site to see if  can figure out which one this is. 

These are reblooming daylilies so, I hope, that this bed will be bursting with color next summer.

I have been busy with the crochet hooks since Saturday. Nana to the boys across the street visited this past weekend. She saw the Ninja Turtle beanies and asked if I could make two for her great nephews. They were done yesterday afternoon.

But, by now, you should know I can't just sit with nothing in in my hands. So I started on a Tooth Fairy for Nana's grandsons across the street.

I like her so far. Mom asked if I could make a "pocket" large enough for a dollar bill. When it was done, I added a front pocket (that you can barely see) for the tooth so it doesn't  get lost in the larger pocket.

I tried the wings and the hair from the patter and neither look the way I want them to look. So I am going to check the "doll supplies" departments at the local craft stores to see if I can find some  hair and wings that I like. When she is finished, I'll post the before and after.

Oh, her dress needs starched too so she can "stand"  up.

WHOOPS, I forgot the picture of the geranium that is still blooming on the porch under the mailbox. Can you believe it . . 21 of October and still blooming. I don't think I have watered it for several weeks yet it still blooms.

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  1. Lovely crochet, your gardens are as crazy as ours, this morning I have a perfect rose bud on my plant and still flowers on my fushia.


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