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Sunday, October 12, 2014

What's on the Hook?

I have finally gotten out of physical therapy for my right arm. I still don't know exactly what was wrong with it EXCEPT, there was no bone damage shown on the x-rays that were taken. Matt, has me working on stretches to strengthen the muscles n the arm then he, or Dawn, will manually stretch, or as Matt says "tear up" any tissue that is not stretched the way t should be.

Have you ever had anyone take their thumb and press it as hard as they could in on the muscles around the inner elbow? I kept telling them "It hurts so bad but feels so good."  LOLOL

Anyway,  am out of PT until I go back for a two week check up. So now I can "legally" crochet, and man, have I been crocheting.

Here is the 2nd Fish Hat I have worked on. This one s for my oldest niece. 

When the hats are all done, I will show you all 4 of them. You can find the actual pattern here.

Then, in the middle of this one, I realized I haven't been thinking about Miss E's Christmas hats for this year. I haven't seen anything that really grabs me, so I thought, Why not make a Christmas version of an Owl Hat?

I had some Bernet Blanket Yarn: Cranberry, Sugar Cookie and Pine Bough. I thought, What the Heck, might as well see what it looks like made into an owl hat?

Here it s, 2/3 of the hat body done.  Doesn't it look like something for a Strawberry Shortcake doll?

have been using a K hook and I don't like working with hooks larger than an H. So this hook is KILLING my hand. I feel like that web of skin between your thumb and finger has been stretched out over my head!

Now to decide what to work on today . . . I think I will finish the green bottom of the hat and then go back to the fish hat.

Have a great day and I'll "blog" to ya later :)

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