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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Clothes for December

I made Miss E some "treasures" for her December, pre-Christmas attire. Even though she is staring into the camera, she does love opening the packages and seeing what she has received.

I think "big brother" is kind of excited to see what's in the box too.

When I saw this outfit (it has red leggings with polka dots, like the middle flounce.) It reminded me of an elf outfit for a girl elf.

 Here momma says she LOVES this hat. It is an owl hat (made out of "blanket fleece" yarn with bells on the top instead of "ear tufts." It was a pain to make, I don't do hooks over a size H well, so my hands were sore most of the time I worked on it . . but the cheesey grin is worth it. 

Now we have a cabbage patch Mrs Claus . . . this was the last picture . . she was getting tired of posing for pictures . . . which is rare for her :)

I wanted to make her some Christmas sweatshirts but I could not find and size 2T sweatshirts that didn't have some decoration/wording on the front. Instead I settled on long sleeved t-shirts.
Everything was going great until I tried to get the "snow writer" paint working . . . no dice. So I got out my trusty tooth picks and made the words and the "stars/snowflakes" by dipping the toothpicks in the paint.
I love the Let It Snow picture . . . I know the t-shirts are too big, but she will be able to wear them for several years . . and maybe wear them as sleep shirts in the summer.

Now, to finish Christmas presents. Last year I made red and black "sock hats" for her dad (my nephew), her mom and her 2 brothers. I put a Felix the Cat patch on them . . he is the mascot of their high school. That picture was a hoot.
They, and Matt's dad, brother and sister were in Gulf Shores last Christmas.
Their mom had died the previous Feb and she wanted some ashes spread there . . .
it was her favorite place.
This year they are all getting basketball beanies. I have E's and her mom's made. working on Matt's (dad) hat now. Will finish brothers and then decide if I am making matching hats for E, her mom and her two aunts (my nieces.) May be suffering crochet burn out by then :(

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