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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Good and the Sad

Must start with the sad . . . 
poor Abby kitty . . . 
18 years old with thyroid disease.
She has been taking meds for a couple years.
Just called about her last round of blood work
it is good.
No more blood work for 6 months.

But, I don't think she will be here in 6 months.
She got her blood work done a week ago
and ever since, she has been going down hill.

She has quit jumping up on the sofas.
She only goes upstairs once a day.
She walks very slowly.

It breaks my heart, 
but I think she is ready to go.
So I shall love her as much as I can
and watch Indy lay on the floor in front of her.
I think Indy knows something is up . . . 
she is Abby's pal 
(Abby used to groom Indy's ears all of the time)
but now she is staying on the floor close to her.
I'm surprised she isn't lying
on the pillow with her.
Maybe she thinks she would disturb Abby if she did that.

Okay, enough of the sad.
II have always believed that when one souls leaves this Earth
another one is allowed to enter.

Our neighbors are expecting a baby in the spring.
Their sons (4 and 2 years old)
are my head "try-ers on"
to make sure my hats are the right size.
Plus I love making
the hats for them.

that makes me smile.
I thought it would be adorable
to make them for the two brothers
and then have the "spare"
for the one coming in the spring.
Now tell me . . . 
you smiled when you saw it, didn't you :)

I need to finish a receiving blanket edging.

Then, I can start on all the other Llama hats
I want to make.
Right now, I think I have 5 to make . . . 
bought the yarn yesterday . . . 
the colors are AWESOME ! ! ! ! !


  1. It is sad to see a loved pet ill, and I am sure Indy knows, animal senses are much better than ours. Love the hat.

  2. Oh Paula...do enjoy your time with Abby. I agree with everything you said. I lost my baby Sadie in march and am watching my old doggie and kitty as they slow slow down and are losing the interest they once had.
    My heart knows yours.
    As to the Llama hat..yes, it did make me smile. Love it!


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